Located in Kent, minutes from I-5, 405 and 167, Victory Graphics is a commercial for-the-trade printer. Victory Graphics is conveniently accessible to downtown Seattle, the Eastside and South King/Pierce County.

Our guiding principle is High Quality Products, Done Right the First Time!


Jeff’s 34 years of offset printing experience drives the company goal of “Done Right, the First Time” at Victory Graphics.

He successfully completed the graphic arts program offered at Kentridge High School by the time he graduated in 1986. In 1987, he took a position at a local wholesale printing company, where he continued to work for 19 years. He honed his eye for color matching, and learned the finesse that is needed to print high quality, tight register offset printing.

Jeff’s ability to match color from previous press runs gives our brokers confidence that their clients’ brand image is consistent with each job delivered. He is also able to custom color match when the pms specs don’t quite meet the color needs for a job.

Pulling strong solids is another of Jeff’s specialties. His mastery of industry techniques produce beautiful solids.

Jeff’s hobbies include singing and playing the guitar, and bench rest shooting competitions. Spending time in the kitchen is one of his passions. Ask him about his salsa and chili recipes. He won’t share his recipe for dill pickles, however. It’s a well guarded family secret!


Lisa shares the front line duties at Victory Graphics, including pre-press.  She is experienced at working with the whole Adobe Creative Suite, her specialty being InDesign.  Understanding the importance of communication and deadlines, Lisa’s goal for Victory Graphics is to produce quotes and turn proofs within 24 hours.

A graduate of the Kentridge High School Class of 1986, Lisa concentrated on college prep coursework. She attended Western Washington University, majoring in art history.  In 2005, Lisa earned a certificate in non-fiction writing from the University of Washington Extension Program, to compliment her work as a freelance writer.

Lisa’s hobbies include knitting, reading and listening to a variety of music.  She has a soft spot for dogs. Her family adopted an Australian Cattle Dog from a local animal shelter.  She is treated with bark and howl play sessions often.

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